Are you ready to build a business and life you love? If so...

It's time. FINALLY Pursue Your Dreams and Build A Thriving Business, Rally A Community That Loves You, Create Real Revenue From Your Passions and Talents...and LIVE the Life You've Always Imagined...

Hey there! Welcome.

I'm Brooke Roberts, The New Dorothy, founder and CEO of Yoga Travel Tree, former travel industry executive, consultant, and business design coach.

After quitting my cushy corporate job to launch my yoga travel company, I'm on a mission to help anyone with a dream and an idea launch a business and create a life with passion and soul. In six focused and fired-up weeks, I'll show you the steps to take you from a dreaming want-apreneur to a successful, capable entrepreneur in no time.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You feel like you’re just spinning your wheels in your career or your business, not really feeling the passion and forward momentum you once knew
  • You’ve flirted with the idea of starting your own business but you're scared of the process, what other people will think, and if you have what it takes
  • You don’t want to just get by pursuing your passions; you want to earn a real living doing what you love
  • You keep putting off your dreams saying things like “some day” or “when things calm down” or “when I feel more confident”
  • You wish you had someone to guide you through building AND growing your business, someone who’s been there in the trenches building her own business from zero

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Bootcamp Curriculum

  • Foundation – Who are you, what are your goals, what do you do, and who do you serve
  • Going Pro – Registering your business, insurance, accounting, liability, and taxes
  • Website & Tech Stuff – Building a website, email list, social media system, SEO, analytics, etc.
  • Communication & List Building – Content, blogging, video, newsletters, community nurturing…
  • Branding & Marketing – Beyond logos and color schemes; brand voice, vision, values; outreach, traffic, and more
  • Mindset and Setting Up for Success – Meditation, business mantras, beliefs; time management, being your own everything, batching, productivity, team management…